Interval Workout Timer

  • Create and edit unlimited preset workouts.
  • Audio, visual and touch alerts when time to change intensity.
  • Records your workout history so you can track your progess.
  • Export your log files as a spreadsheet.
  • Full music player access from within the app or create custom workout playlists.
  • Very easy to use. Allows you to keep your focus on your training.
  • Includes your warm up and cool down times.

The Basics

Interval training workouts are workouts that alternate high-intensity levels with lower-intensity effort. This type of exercise mimics sports, where periods of sprinting speeds are followed by light jogging or rest. Interval training workouts can be applied to any number of activities, such as, running, cycling, swimming and gym equipment. If you require lighter exercise you can simply change your speed of walking between a fast and slow pace. The benefits can be noticable with as little as a 20-minute interval workout and, as your endurance and strength increase, you can add time or sets to your workout.

Stop Go! will time your warm up, intervals and cool down, alerting you when it's time to change intensity, as well as count down your sets depending on which of your workout presets is selected. Each workout can be logged to help you monitor your progress and can also be exported as a spreadsheet.

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Custom Settings

Stop Go! lets you create and edit as many workout presets as you need as well as set any combination of alert methods for when it's time to switch to high intensity or low.

Play Music

Stop Go! allows you full control of your music player from within the app, where you can also create a playlist for your workout. If the tunes are already spinning, then you can assume control as you workout.

Workout Logs

Stop Go! can keep a history of all your workouts, so you can keep track of your progress. You can also export the log files as a spreadsheet.

Stay safe, exercise sensibly and consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.