Reviews of all three editions

The Diapason - July 2008

One could hardly overstate the importance of this revised and enlarged work, and of its utility in so many ways for performers, writers, researchers, and amateurs. Twelve appendices adorn this monumental compendium, some entirely pertinent to the main collection of information, some delightfully idiosyncratic, and all useful. This one-volume amazing masterpiece is heartily recommended. Gale Kramer

The Organ - May/July 2006

What a superb reference work this is, and excellent value too....
I found delving into this mighty tome fascinating each time I opened its covers. The Directory is a must for reference libraries and the shelves of all who play and listen to the organ and love its music. David Baker

The American Organist - January 2006

When we speak of great and useful resources of the 20th century, and now the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine any single organ-related volume being more extensive or comprehensive than this one.............. What Dom B�dos, Hopkins and Rimbault, and Audsley did for the organ, John Henderson has done for its composers and its music.......... this Directory puts our repertoire in to focus. It makes one proud to be an organist. ............. It goes without saying that this volume is a must for every music library in the world! Rollin Smith

Church Music Quarterly - March 2006

It is a formidable achievement! The entries in this third edition are so extensively revised and expanded that it would be a recommended replacement for the previous editions even without the new appendices. The author is not afraid to offer his own opinions, lightening the text in a way that is reminiscent of Percy Scholes, but always on a foundation of meticulously detailed and well organized research. If you play the organ at any level, you will derive more pleasure from your playing if you have this book at your side. Duncan Watkins

Orgelforum 2005 No. 4 (translated from Swedish original)

Well then John Henderson has done it again ! A Directory of Composers for Organ has seen the light of day in its 3rd edition. When a work is published in a new edition the ordinary reader often does not notice big differences in comparison to the previous edition. There might be just some corrections of errors, a presentation of new facts or a change in illustrations. Often the differences are in minor details. This is not the case here. The new edition is really expanded. In Orgelfoum 1/2000 the 2nd edition of this magestic/behemoth project was reviewed. Already even then one could tell that this was a huge amount of work for a mere mortal spans that incomprehensible breadth, in the documentation of, all music composed for the organ from all parts of the world and from all eras. Now, in its 3rd edition, the number of pages has increased by 200 and, it seems to me, that the typesize has been decreased. All this to encompass more data. If one was impressed by the previous edition - you�ve just got to see this one! Complete amazing/unbelievable amounts of data is listed here, much of which is difficult to get hold of otherwise. Easy-to-read, not many factual errors, good data on how to get the music and - not the least - a wonderful stimulus to the "repertoire hungry"........................ I can sincerely and with a warm heart recommend this book, it should be present in every library, in every school with organ education, in all organ player�s homes. Get it and use it. Mark Falsj�

Organists' Review - Nov 2005

Only five years after the greatly expanded second edition of this treasure-trove of information, comes the third at over 1,000 pages! Quite how Dr. Henderson finds time to do anything else, and quite how he finds more and more information to fill all these pages is completely beyond comprehension. But rejoice! How wonderful it is that someone does it. A programme note writer�s paradise, a researcher�s reference library, a repertoire-builder�s inspiration, a music purchaser�s invaluable guide, trivia-hunter�s time-waster: this is all these and more. Despite the need to fit all this information into one volume (just!), all is neatly laid out and perfectly legible. The new edition will replace its well-thumbed predecessor on my shelves; why not give your current copy to a friend or colleague and invest in this extraordinary compendium? It will be John Henderson�s last version, so buy it while stocks last. Paul Hale

Organists' Review - May 2000

"What a tome this is! I simply could not catch it out....., The layout is clearer and yet more space efficient than the 1996 edition...., Now I'm using it I cannot imagine being without it, and certainly shan't be lending it out - buy your own before they are all gone." Paul Hale

The Organ - Feb-April 2000

" invaluable book... This volume will sit on my desk... as essential daily reference material. It will remain there in constant use until Vol.3 is published!" Brian Hick

Orgelforum - 2000 No.1

"Altogether the book can only be strongly recommended. Use it as a dictionary, a pleasant reading book or source of inspiration - not just as a shelf decoration. It is worth preserving - every organist should have access to it." (Translated from the Swedish original)

"A must for any self-confessed organ buff." Church Music Quarterly - April 2000

"The tome is now of biblical proportions,..... This is an indispensable one-volume reference that will find its way onto every organist's bookshelf" The American Organist - July 2000

"This is a book which should find its way on to the shelves of all who play, or listen to, organ music. For the serious player, it is a highly invaluable work of reference; for anyone, it is a highly enjoyable and informative volume which makes good bedtime reading" Dr.Harry Bramma in Church Music Quarterly Jan.1997

"This is an excellent source book....the urbane prose is a delight in a work of this magnitude and scope" Rollin Smith in The American Organist June 1997

"Every good library and most organists should possess a copy" Review in The Organ No.299 1997

"Dr.John Henderson's remarkable and invaluable book" Organists' Review May 1997

"...this book provides a wealth of information not previously assembled in a volume of this size..." Choir and Organ September 1997

"Every organ enthusiast will want to have a copy of this book and every music library should certainly have a reference copy" Paul Andrews in Brio (UK Music Librarians Journal) Autumn 1998